• Business support and Asset management – contract drafting and revision; business & corporate law; employment law; IT / IP law

  • Mergers, Acquisitions, Restructuring – transaction structuring and restructuring; cross border M&A and restructuring; business transformation; drafting and negotiating transaction documents; due diligence; post-acquisition advisory services

  • Banking, Finance, Leasing – drafting and negotiation of credit and security documents; advising on banking and other financial activities, services and products

  • Real estate and Construction law – advising on the purchase, sale and lease of commercial real estate and residential projects; due diligence in connection with real estate purchase and sale; legal support in property development, planning and construction; advising in connection with claims for defects arising before or after the handover of real estate

  • Litigation, Receivables management – representation in out-of-court negotiations, as well as in court proceedings before courts of all levels, in arbitration proceedings, in tax proceedings and in criminal proceedings (particularly representing clients before courts in commercial litigation, employment-related litigation, insolvency proceedings and related incidental disputes, in judicial review of administrative decisions); individual and collective receivables management


  • Transaction advisory services – assessment of contracts and transactions from a tax perspective

  • Tax planning & tax optimization

  • Tax returns – preparing corporate and personal income tax, VAT, other taxes returns including the related communication with tax authorities

  • Tax audits & tax authorities – comprehensive client support services during tax audits, representing clients before tax authorities and optimizing the procedure in tax audits

  • International taxation – advisory services in the field of tax implications of cross-border transactions

  • Transfer prices (setting intragroup transactions, selection of an adequate calculation method, document elaboration, implementation into practice)

  • Accounting consultancy – revision and reconstruction of accounting, processing of financial statements and annual reports


  • M&A – mergers and acquisitions – initial market research, analysis, transaction execution & settlement

  • Corporate restructuring – reorganization and restructuring of companies, advising on bankruptcy proceedings

  • intergenerational change – advising on the intergenerational transfer of the company

  • Financing – professional assistance in the field of financial management of transactions

  • Interim management – temporary provision of additional management resources and skills in a specific area of the business


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