We can assist with the preparation of credit and collateral documentation for individual transactions and corporate and retail banking loan products. We will prepare sample contractual documentation for other banking products, leases, consumer loans and insurance products. We will provide legal due diligence on the borrower. We will analyse and propose solutions to regulatory issues relating to the operation of financial market entities (insurance, leasing, consumer credit), including data protection issues under relevant laws and regulations.


  • credit financing, including syndicated loans;
  • acquisition, project, export and real estate financing;
  • standard documentation for financial products;
  • regulatory and operational issues relating to the activities of domestic and foreign banks and other financial service providers;
  • legal analysis of loan portfolios;
  • arranging instruments and guarantees;
  • crisis finance (restructuring of financial relationships, standstill agreements, setting up structures for refinancing mature liabilities);
  • international financial relations (comprehensive support in cross-border credit relations with a Czech element);
  • distressed assets, including debt recovery and sales of complete portfolios of difficult to collect receivables;
  • venture capital and private equity issues;
  • bankruptcy of financial service providers;
  • receivables transactions (purchases and sales of receivables packages and other dispositions of receivables);
  • advising on securities issues, including the structure of the terms of the issue, relevant contractual documentation, and potential hedging or integration into the broader context of the issuer’s financing;
  • advising on the offering (distribution) of securities, in the case of public offerings or listings on regulated markets, drafting the prospectus and representing in proceedings for its approval before the Czech National Bank, including possible passporting;
  • advising on non-standard securities (certificates, warrants) or compound instruments of a derivative nature;
  • drafting and updating standard documentation (ISDA, investment services agreements, etc.);
  • advising on regulatory and operational issues concerning the operation and management of domestic and foreign investment funds, in particular in relation to qualified investor funds, including the preparation and updating of the fund structure and related documentation;
  • representation in proceedings for the issuance of relevant permits for the provision of investment services or management/administration of investment funds, sanctions and other proceedings before the Czech National Bank and other supervisory authorities;
  • drafting internal regulations of securities dealers or investment intermediaries and investment fund managers/administrators;
  • representation in disputes before a financial arbitrator or courts.

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