Corporate and commercial law

Are you looking for legal advice to solve complex corporate or commercial challenges in your business?

We can set up or review your incorporation documents, provide you with professional corporate governance services for your company, help you with mergers, acquisitions and restructuring of your company or group, sale of your company or asset management. In the field of M&A and various types of transactions, a timely and reliable solution that reduces the potential risksand additional costs arising from these operations is always important.

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We are ready to assist you with:

  • mergers and other domestic as well as cross-border corporate transformations, including tax assessment of the appropriate form of transformation and its consequences;
  • structuring of domestic and foreign holding companies, including tax assessments;
  • group relationships and corporate control, including transfer pricing issues;
  • intergenerational transfers and adhered changes;
  • legal representation in legal disputes between shareholders of companies and their bodies and their out-of-court and judicial resolution;
  • incorporation of companies;
  • complex corporate agenda of companies;
  • drafting, analysis and revision of commercial contracts;
  • contracts and other documentation on IT/IP rights;
  • contractual relations to real estate, including development contracts and representation in construction proceedings;
  • corporate compliance reviews (due diligence, forensic audits);
  • securities law, issuance of bonds and other securities;
  • corporate management liability (including criminal liability);
  • or liquidation of companies.

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