Do you want to sell your company and seek a partner who will guide you through the entire process from getting the company ready for sale, finding the right buyers, assisting with legal and tax structuring of the sale, negotiating the terms of the transaction, preparing the transaction documentation and settling the transaction?

Are you considering buying a going concern and looking for an advisor for the entire acquisition process? Are you planning to transfer the company on to your descendants?

Would you like to preserve the company you have built for future generations, or are you considering protecting family assets within the business? Do you want to find out how the transfer of the company to management or sale outside the family is handled? We offer an objective overview of the issues involved in the transition and acquisition. Has your company run into problems and you don’t know what to do, or do you want to go through a restructuring? With our experience, we will guide you through the entire process and ensure satisfaction for you and your business. Our interdisciplinary specialty is also advising on intergenerational succession in companies. Find out more about intergenerational succession here. More about intergenerational change here.


  • buying and selling companies and real estate projects;
  • advising on intergenerational change;
  • structuring transactions, including tax assessment of the appropriate form of transaction and its consequences;
  • legal, tax and financial due diligence of target companies;
  • drafting and negotiation of pre-contractual legal documentation (LOI, TM, MOU);
  • drafting and negotiation of financial and security documentation, including arranging financing (we cooperate with most major Czech banks and major non-bank financing providers);
  • preparation and negotiation of complex transaction documentation including shareholder agreements, option plans, etc;
  • assisting with post-transaction restructuring, including merger and other transformations.

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