Are you a company and need advice on tax returns, VAT or other tax matters? For your business or strategic decisions, we will analyse the tax implications of the steps you are considering and recommend the most suitable transaction alternative. We perform tax and accounting audits.

We represent you in all negotiations with the tax authorities, in tax audits, appeals and tax litigation.

We will provide you with thorough advice on the optimal handling of your business profits or set transfer pricing, all with a view to minimising tax risks.

We offer comprehensive tax and accounting solutions, including the assessment of contracts and transactions from a tax perspective, tax and accounting support for M&A projects, the establishment, restructuring or liquidation of companies and advisory services in the field of international taxation and transfer pricing. We set up structures for international trade, asset protection and in optimizing tax risks.


  • bookkeeping, payroll, accounting audits
  • tax planning, optimization, international taxation and calculate future tax burdens, including international aspects and the possibility of using multinational corporate structures;
  • tax structuring of conversions to assess the appropriate form of conversion and their tax implications;
  • tax structuring of holding companies with a view to setting up a tax-optimal holding structure;
  • tax aspects of group relationships, including transfer pricing issues;
  • tax structuring of transactions, with a view to assessing the appropriate form of conversion and their tax consequences;
  • assessment of the tax implications of different types of income from the perspective of Czech legislation and double taxation treaties, including calculation of the tax impact in cross-border transactions
  • tax and financial due diligence of target companies;
  • tax and accounting support for foreign investors coming to the Czech Republic;
  • tax disputes with tax authorities and subsidy providers;
  • tax structuring of incentive programs, including management option programs, and ESOP programs;
  • setting up benefits for employees, including with regard to the tax aspects of benefits;
  • setting up and optimizing corporate financial management and reporting.

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