We approach the client issues from a different perspective. It is the comprehensiveness of our services that enables our clients to achieve the best results even together with the highest expectations. We represent clients throughout the entire sales process, from pre-sales preparation of the company, initial analysis and market research, identifying the most suitable investors to approach, to the final execution of the transaction.

We combine legal, tax, accounting, HR and brokerage solutions for key and strategic areas of your business, especially in the purchase and sale of shares, stocks or plants, corporate restructurings (including transformations such as mergers or divisions), intergenerational turnovers, financing or interim management.

Of course, we offer professional multidisciplinary services by a team of experienced professionals in the context of the decision to find an investor / sell a company. More about the sale of smaller established companies here.


  • sale and purchase of companies, including searching for suitable acquisition targets, market research, approaching acquisition targets, due diligence, negotiation and implementation of the transaction, preparation of transaction documentation;
  • restructuring of distressed companies, including resolution of bankruptcy situations;
  • valuation of companies;
  • designing, negotiation and implementation of intergenerational transfers;
  • preparation and negotiation of financing and security documentation, including arranging financing (we cooperate with most of the major Czech banks and major non-bank financing providers).

Sooner or later there will come a time when you decide to pass the business down in the family or sell it to someone who will build on your vision. Selling the business with us means:

Confidentiality assurance      Personal approach      Maximizing the sale price

We help small and medium sized business owners. And whatever your decision, it’s good to know what it entails and what’s in store for you. We’ll find a suitable buyer who will pay a fair price and ensure the business continues. We currently have nearly 600 potential buyers in our database.

We have over 20 years of experience in selling and buying businesses.

  • we understand your needs
  • we know the current market environment
  • we will find you a suitable buyer
  • we will guide you safely through the entire process
  • without unnecessary frustration and emotion.

What are the steps of selling your company with us?

It is important to plan the sale of a company perfectly. And we can do that. We have clearly defined procedures and a timetable that lets you know what stage you are in and what steps are ahead of you.

We can help you prepare for the sale. We’ll prepare a quality and engaging presentation, connect you with serious buyers interested in purchasing your business, prepare contract documentation, and guide you safely through the entire process.

Wondering how much you will get for your business? We can help you with that too. For smaller businesses, you can use our services HERE.

For an initial idea, use the opportunity to have a simple indicative valuation prepared, from which you will find out the indicative value of your company. Of course, we are ready to prepare an individual valuation for you, which will give you a true indication of the value of your company and the price we will be able to obtain for you on the market.

Because no two companies are identical, there is no universal way to determine the value of a company, so we approach each valuation completely individually. With our years of experience selling companies, we know how most investors think when planning an acquisition. For companies, we look for specific characteristics, potential synergies, future benefits for the buyer and, above all, we make an expert analytical assessment of which internal and external influences within the valued company create real value and which do not.

The process of selling the company:


Pre-sale interview and consultation of your intention and motive, obtaining basic information about the company, assessment of the current situation and the realistic sale of the company, information about the sales process and presentation of sample implementations.


The agreement includes general consulting terms, a transaction schedule and a list of required documents and information.


Processing of available information and data provided by you, indication of documents for establishment in the data room, preparation of attractive presentation materials for potential buyers, inclusion in our list of companies. We will look at your company with an objective perspective and carry out the valuation using one of the valuation methods according to recognised market and international standards.


By including you in our company listing, we connect you with dozens of vetted buyers and investors who are looking for a suitable acquisition opportunity with us. Thanks to this effective tool, our active marketing, our extensive investor database and our long-term contacts, we will find a suitable buyer for your company. All this while maintaining maximum discretion.


As soon as someone expresses interest, we will sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with them, provide them with further information about your company and arrange a site visit. If there is serious interest in buying (by submitting an indicative offer), we will start negotiations for a sale.


We will oversee the due diligence process

Together with you, we will conduct key negotiations on the price, the method of payment and the most favourable terms of transfer

Once the bidder has confirmed the offer, we will start the process of preparing the contractual documentation


After signing the contractual documentation and subsequent settlement, the purchase price will be paid to you. At this point we are entitled to a commission, which is in the order of one percent of the purchase price.


All your hard work over the years finally paid off and it is time to celebrate! Congratulations!

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